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Because there are so many pictures they have been divided into sections. Click on the section name to go to the appropriate page.

Other than the few Halloween 1990 pictures provided by Jennifer Stannard, we have no pictures yet of any of the 2-plex staff. I am happy to scan and return your pictures if you have any to share. - Jen Lawrence

Halloween 1990: Includes pictures of Jennifer Stannard, Aaron Collins, William Wong, Tania Wilson and Louis Bertrand.
At Karen Buchanan's: Includes pictures of Cathy Donoghue, Jennifer Lawrence, Duane Murray, Darryl Blais, Matthew Connolly, Fred Beauchemin, Karen Buchanan, Karalee Shaw, Gareth Roberts, Melanie Blanchard and Bruce Carriere.
At Rideau Centre: Includes pictures of Darryl Blais, Cathy Donoghue, Karen Buchanan and Karalee Shaw.
Stacy's Party: Includes pictures of Elias Abou-Rjeili, Stacy Lanthier, Bruce Carriere, Jeff Lalonde, Jennifer Lawrence, Rick Reynolds, Kelly Donoghue, Karen Lawrence.
Miscellaneous: Darryl Blais, Karen Buchanan, Naisir "Nasty" Alibhai, Karen Lawrence, Kelly Donoghue, Fred Beauchemin, Angela Sertal, Darryl Crozier, Bruce Carriere, Gail Inglis, Jennifer Lawrence, Paco Sertal and Jennifer Stannard.
Baseball: Bernie Dorais, Cathy Donoghue, Karalee Shaw and Gail Inglis.
Men In Black Promo: Includes pictures of Bruce Carriere, Jeffrey Lalonde, Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
Camping: Darryl Blais, Darryl Crozier, Karen Buchanan, Angela Sertal, Karalee Shaw and Karalee's brother.
Skating: Angela Sertal, Darryl Blais, Karalee Shaw, Cathy Donoghue and mystery skaters.
Bruce's Party: Bruce Carriere, Karen Buchanan, Darryl Crozier, Paco Sertal, Bruce's brother Dave Carriere, friend Steve Cule, friend Karen Beardsley, Sonya Henn, Matthew Connolly and friend Angela Walker.
After Cineplex: Pictures of the staff after they left Cineplex.

Pictures provided by Karen Buchanan, Bruce Carriere, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Stannard. Full details on the credits page.

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