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Do You Remember...

The fire alarms?

When Jennifer and Matt got into Karalee's house and started baking a cake?

Waking up early for softball?

When we were robbed?

The second time we were robbed?

Darryl Blais' parties?

Parties at Karen Buchanan's?

Staff showings?

Shindler's List being sold out for 3 months?

How many months A Few Good Men played at St. Laurent?

Hanging out in the guys' changeroom?

Your first shift?

Duane drinking chocolate milk while the rest of us were drinking beer?

Jackets for the ushers?

Having to wear hats behind the bar?

Not being trained on another position until you'd been there well over a year?

Being fully cross-trained in your first month?

Full-time projectionists?

Paco and his cell phone?

Never receiving our MuchMusic Video Dance Party?

When the candy bar only had candy, popcorn and drinks?

When we had to melt the oil?

When we had to melt the butter?

Ushers hiding in cinemas to avoid work?

Cleaning up puke?

When the box office was relocated to upstairs?

When the food court was still right above the theatre?

When half of the staff was dating each other?

When Matthew Perry came to the theatre?

Contributed by Karen Buchanan:

Matt using the gum remover on his unmentionables.

Parties at my house -again.

The cigarette burn in my carpet.....Matt!

Cleaning the stupid Kettle!

The burn scar I have from the stupid kettle!

Wearing boxers under those Gawd-awful skirts.

The Gossip!!

Jen.....and Karen giving Bruce a bloody nose.

Julianne.....need I say more?

Miss you guys!

Contributed by John Arnold:

Interviewing and hiring the inaugural staff from the office at the World Exchange Plaza. The initial training sessions before the theatre re-opened. Fantastic team.

Testing every seat in the 5 cinemas before we opened. Let's be honest - they weren't that comfortable...

Fire alarms, every Tuesday, like clockwork. Dishing out reams of blue Emergency Strip Tickets.

Nearly having a riot on the opening Friday of "White Men Can't Jump". Breaking up fights. Calling in the police. Finding a bullet upstairs where the lineup was held.

Exercising our creative sides with inventive ways to arrange ropes and poles to herd cattle in what was clearly not enough space.

Having 3 staff members for a surprise rainy Sunday matinee. Selling out all cinemas. Bernie on door (between starting shows). Me in the box. Everyone else behind the bar. I'm not sure if I have ever seen so many angry people....

Getting a "Transvestite-o-gram" on my birthday at the theatre.

Working Christmas eves. Starting and finishing my Christmas shopping during the matinee/evening break. Wrapping all my presents after the first and only show let out.

Getting our first DTS / Dolby Digital system installed in Cinema 1 for Jurassic Park.

Leaks, Leaks, Leaks

The weekly Tuesday night lottery to see how many cars would be stolen from the parking lot.

Putting "standees" together.

Learning the lines to the courtroom scene in "A Few Good Men" by heart.

Downing 10 "muffin plus" coffees in the afternoons with Gail, preparing the weekly reports.

Being referred to incessantly in our audit report as "Mr.. Tom Arnold" - remaining scarred for life.

8 years of not being able to get to sleep before 1am, after I left the theatre.

Contributed by Karen Lawrence:

When we had a goodbye partie for Jesse at Mellisa Mayers and Karen B. and Melanie tried to crawl into the dryer?

Rob and Rick having drinking contests at staff Christmas parties?

When we used to sing songs on concession?

When we sang "Barbie Girl" and even Fred joined in?

Laser pointers!?

Contributed by Sonya Henn:

When there were no cashes on candy bar. Everything was by $.25's.

Jen making me wear the stupid pink uniform for my one and only bar shift?

Making constant "sorry sold out" announcements.

Having Cable Guy on 4 screens.

Changing the old marquee alone up the ladder in my skirt?

Refusing to check exit's from all theatres alone after the robbery.

Finally getting an alarm system, and having the camera's pointed at us?

Mrs. Doubtfire? (the customer not the movie)

During the 2nd robbery, having the thug make me climb over the candybar instead of going through the door, and then telling me to hurry up and I snapped back "I'm going!"

Being tied up with a stupid washcloth?

ID'ing people who are older than you.

Refusing to sell tickets to people with Star Trek Masks or Ninja Turtle masks after the robbery.

Looking like a flight attendant with the new uniforms.

Sitting and talking with Bernie in Cinema 5.

Getting my candy bar pin?????

Matt's nametag "Habib" and him ripping tickets and saying "Cinema #2 just follow the yellow brick road"!

Gail asking us who "Habib" is after district office ghost visited us.

Lot's of good times at East Sides'. Watching OJ's car chase there are they spoofing "Speed"?

5-plex Memories contributed by Jennifer Stannard:

Pierre Turgeon (Ottawa Senator) coming in regularly, and getting his autograph...

Tom Green sneaking into the cinemas on Tuesdays...

Mila Mulrooney with the kids and the cool looking agents...

Gail jumping on top of a riley customer...

Mrs. Doubtfire (one of our "special" guests) pulling a Jackie Chan on some customers coming out of the Flinstones...

Mrs. Doubtfire yelling out lines from the Mask, that weren't the correct phrase (ie. Somebody try and get me!)...

Mrs. Doubtfire always asking if there were flashing lights in the movie...

Jurassic Park playing for 50 weeks...

The sprinkler pipe that broke in the office, and made everything black...

2-plex Memories contributed by Jennifer Stannard:

Louie's "Born to be Wild" video at the closing party (renovations) in 1990...

Our garage sale to collect money so all the staff could go to Florida...

Staff Xmas Party at Tania's...

Almost killing Julie, Tania, and Louie with my driving...

Going to softball in great "spirits"...Dancing Queen.

The St.Laurent Cardinals softball shirt

The Orleans Tatunkas softball shirt, when we were teamed up with Orleans that last year.

Ice fights with the ushers...

Bringing orders down to the security office in the mall...

Graffitti on the wall of the freight elevator...

Green popcorn for Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles...


Memories contributed by Marc Davey:

Those many morning ball games wondering if we actually had a team. Bernie being pretty well the sole/'soul' member of the team every and every time. Then, watching Jen, having worked the night before, going out same night, attempting to go play ball, working double and then getting second, third and possibly, fourth wind throughout her shift.

Your nickname suited you "Smiley". I remember fondly one of those aforementioned days, where you sprang into action to get a refill of Coke syrup without the use of the dolly. WOW!

Other good memories: Karine puking in/out of my car, partying at Kelly's, chatting it up with Bernie, making great friends--- Jen S., Julie L., Tania, Kelly, Sonia, Rob, Kevin, Darren, Dan, Brian Roy, Dana, and many others whose names escape me at this moment but you are part of the past.

Do you have a memory about the St. Laurent Cinemas that still makes you laugh? Or cringe? Tell them to Jen so they can be added here for everyone to remember.

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