Cineplex Odeon St. Laurent Cinemas Memorial Site
Former Employee Contact Information

Most emails are now horribly out of date. Some have been updated in 2007

Eli Abou-Rjeili
email: e_abourjeili AT hotmail DOT com

Chris Barrington
email: chrisab AT telus DOT net

Melanie Blanchard
email: pois_chiche AT hotmail DOT com or melani_ AT hotmail DOT com

Karen Buchanan
email: karen DOT sauve AT sympatico DOT ca

Bruce Carriere
email: bruce DOT carriere AT gmail DOT com

Matthew Connolly
home email: mconnolly2 AT sympatico DOT ca
work email: matthew DOT connolly AT bticanada DOT ca

Marc Davey
email: ttmkdavey AT hotmail DOT com

Cathy Donoghue
email: cathy DOT donoghue AT hrdc-drhc DOT gc DOT ca

Jeff Lalonde
email: jeffrielalonde AT hotmail DOT com

Jennifer Lawrence Byrne
email: jen AT jenniferlawrence DOT ca

Karen Lawrence
email: klawrence12 AT hotmail DOT com

Phil Legault
email: legaultp AT yahoo DOT com

Kim Rafter
email: kim DOT rafter AT sympatico DOT ca

Angela Sertal
email: sertal DOT angela AT ic DOT gc DOT ca

Karalee Shaw
email: karashaw AT hotmail DOT com

Kate Smith
email: katesmith AT rogers DOT com

Tyler Smith
email: turboty AT hotmail DOT com

Jennifer Stannard
email: myca1 AT excite DOT com

Blake Wiswell
email: blakewiz AT hotmail DOT com

Do you want your contact information ammended, removed or added? Do you have contact information for someone missing from here? Contact Jennifer via email at jen AT jenniferlawrence DOT ca.

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