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Where Are They Now?

Updated July, 2008

Aaron Robinson - Most probably still in Victoria, B.C.

Al Findlay - Manager, South Keys Cineplex Odeon

Angela Sertal - Working at Industry Canada. Living in Ottawa, married and has a son.

Bill Woodcock - Works at OCTranspo as a driver. Married to Julie T from Orleans Cineplex, and is a new Daddy.

Bruce Carriere - Working for the Passport Office. Married to Jocelyn (Orleans Cinemas butter girl) since August 2005, living in Orleans.

Carol Usher - Managing the re-opened St. Laurent Rainbow Cinemas!

Cathy Donoghue - Working at HRDC, married Steve (infamous for the chicken throwing incident at East Side's) and had a Vanessa in May 2004 and Peyton June 2007 on her 30th birthday. Living in Orleans.

Chris Barrington - Working in Vancouver at a sound reinforcement company.

Chris Plant - Passed away June 1999.

Darryl Blais - Working at Chapters near the Gloucester Centre on Olgilvie Road, married July 2001.

Duane Murray - Acting. Found in several commercials. More seriously, he's had a bit part in the series Relic Hunter and An American in Canada.

Elias Abou-Rejeili - Finished school and working for a government department. Worked until 2004 at the Orleans Cineplex.

Fariba Rohani - Worked at the World Exchange Cinemas for a while, whereabouts unknown.

Frank/Francois Albert - working in professional services for Compaq/HP.

Fred Beauchemin - Married to Isabelle, they have two sons and are living in Orleans. Working as a physiotherapist for the Ottawa Hospital.

Gail Inglis - Working at Revenue Canada.

Gary Findley - General Manager, at Barrhaven theatres. Now is a Daddy.

Geoff Carron - General Manager, Orleans theatres. Engaged to Julie Berube (from Orleans).

James Boutros - Working at Taima up-to-date as of Nov/02

Jeanine Boutros - Worked at WEP for a couple of months after St. Laurent closed, and then left the theatres altogether.

Jeff Lalonde - Working for the Office of Emergency Services branch of Health Canada.

Jennifer Lawrence (now Jennifer Lawrence Byrne) - Working at Department of National Defense and married to James. Had their first son, John Thomas November 2005.

Jennifer Stannard - Left Cineplex in 2005. Currently working at CDI.

Jesse Robinson - Cineplex Odeon, Victoria, BC.

Jessica Heafey-Leclaire - Now known as Jessica Heafey. Acting in mainly French productions. Living in BC.

John Arnold - Chief Technical Architect at Montreal's SureFire Commerce. Working out of a small satellite office in Hull (in the building that used to house such bars as "the Thunderdome" and "Tabasco's"). Got married, 2 kids, 2 cats.

Karalee Shaw - Graphic Designer and founder of Aalen. Also an instructor. Mommy to a beautiful daughter.

Karen Buchanan - Married to Bob, with three daughters. Megan was born in November 2000, Darcy in May 2004, Genna in August 2007. Living in Orleans.

Karen Lawrence - Currently working for Impatica in sales. Living in Kanata with Mike, recently bought a home in Carleton Place.

Kate Smith - Full time with Mary Kay. Marrying Steve February 14, 2005.

Kathryn Gross - Working at Revenue Canada. Married and has one daughter.

Kim Rafter - Married and living in Barrie.

Kris Krause - Working at Compaq in Bells Corners up-to-date as of January 2000

Matthew Connelly - Working in the travel business.

Melanie Blanchard - Taking a year to teach English overseas.

Mellisa Berndt - rumored to be working at a grocery store in Buckingham

Michel Leduc - working as projectionist at the Mayfair see picture or see article up-to-date as of March/02

Naisir Alibhai - General Manager, Colliseum Theatres (on location of old Britannia drive-in).

Nicole Gorham - Officer with the Ottawa Police.

Robert Payne - Last seen as General Manager of World Exchange Plaza. Has left Empire theatres and taking some time off.

Sonya Henn - Working at HRDC. Had her first child in 2007.

Sonya Nagpal - Worked at the South Keys Cineplex Odeon and become their Service Supervisor (aka Crew Chief) for a while after St. Laurent closed. Is currently a Business Analyst with Export Development Canada in downtown Ottawa.

Stacy Lanthier - Working for Minto Hotels in Ottawa.

Teresa Farell (formerly Gernon) - Married in '95, two beautiful children who are now 4 and 6 yrs old. Currently going through a divorce. Spent from '95 to 2000 in B.C. and am now living in Rockland, Ontario.up-to-date as of May/02

Tyler Smith - Last seen in Orleans

Wayne Turcotte - Working at Algonquin College.

Blake Wiswell - Toronto. Rye-High Grad. Livin' La Vida Loca.

Will Wong - Working at Revenue Canada.

Do you know where you are but we don't? Do you know where another former St. Laurent employee is? Let Jen know so it can be added. Her email is JEN @ JENNIFERLAWRENCE dot CA.

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