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Opening Date Mystery

Mystery Solved! According to Alain Miguelez who is writing a book on theatres in Ottawa

The St. Laurent Cinemas opened on October 4, 1967, at first they just called it the Odeon I and Odeon II, the name of the mall stuck to it eventually.

The St. Laurent was Ottawa's first shopping mall theatre. It was originally operated by the British-owned Odeon Theatres chain, until they merged with Cineplex in 1984 to create, Cineplex-Odeon.
And then after the summer season in 1991 the 2-plex was closed to make way for the 5-plex that was opened in the same place (plus a little more for cinema 4) in December of 1991.

Previous information on the opening date of the theatre varied. Sources at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre thought the theatre may have opened in 1972 while official Cineplex Odeon sources were also unsure but believe it may have been 1969. St. Laurent Shopping Centre officials have confirmed that the mall opened in 1967. It therefore appears that the theare opening may have coincided with the mall opening.

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