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Cineplex Odeon St. Laurent Cinemas Memorial Site

The Family Connection

Was it just me or was there times where nepotism was the only way to get a job at the theatre?

The Connections David Carriere (usher, Vanier Cinemas) -> Bruce Carriere (hired as concession)
Jennifer Lawrence (hired as usher) -> Karen Lawrence (hired as concession)
Melanie Blanchard's cousin (Vanier Cinemas) -> Melanie Blanchard
Cathy Donoghue (hired as concession) -> Kelly Donoghue (provided the getaway car for the first set of robbers, hired as concession)
Angela Sertal's cousin (Vanier Cinemas) -> Angela Sertal (originally at Vanier, moved to St. Laurent) -> Paco Sertal (hired as concession)
Kate Smith (hired as concession) -> Tyler Smith (hired as concession)
Bernie Dorais' brother -> Bernie Dorais (projectionist) -> Frank Dorais (usher, manager and projectionist)
Wayne Turcotte (projectionist) -> Dave Louis-Seize (projectionist, nephew to Wayne)

Do you know more connections? Family ties? Fill us in!

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Created Tuesday, October 16, 2001